Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love The Little People

This year, I am doing my shopping online. I am trying to avoid the stores because of the potential mayhem. I have a niece and a nephew that I am buying for from one family and a niece and a nephew from another family. The siblings that are closer in age will be getting this because its cute and you can't buy it in stores. My other niece will probably be getting this because she loves barbie and fashion. I still am trying to decided what to get my other nephew. He is 1 (2 in march) and its been so long (not that long but I'm forgetful) since I had someone that young. Any ideas?


Proud Mum said...

Blocks are always a good bet. Melissa and Doug make these great corrugated cardboard blocks that are really sturdy (Little Red can stand on his) but very lightweight. Balls, cars, trucks. You know, BOY STUFF. (I'm also a big fan of giving board books as gifts for little ones, you never can have too many!)

I love that Nativity Set, I think that just might help me out with some shopping I have to do. Thanks!

Two Mittens said...

It's not terribly new or anything, but my guys (same age) love legos. The bigger blocks. Not all the tiny peices. And I think they will be getting some wooden type puzzles this year.