Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting A Beducation

Mr. Wonderful and I need a new bed. He has a sore back and my hips get sore at night. I would prefer not being disturbed at night because lately I am such a light sleeper. I just want to love my bed. Any suggestions on what to look for?

Our first bed we spent almost $400 it was a double and it wore out in about 2 years but we kept it for 4 or 5. Our second bed was a queen and came to us second hand. I enjoy the extra space but it has molded to someone else's body so its uncomfortable. We can't go up to a King because our room is too small.

My husbands Chiropractor said you need to spend about $100 for every year you want it to last so I'm prepared to spend the money. We have some savings and if we can sleep well for Christmas that will be the best Christmas present ever. One thing I want is a pillow top. I'm all about comfort. What else I need I don't know.

The floor is now open for suggestions. Give me a Beducation. At least share a bad bed experience misery loves company.


April_Mommy said...

I love my king sized bed! That said, a queen is very acceptable as well :-)

My in-laws got a sleep number bed a few years ago, they swear that they have never slept better. It is full of air, so it never wears out or becomes lumpy. I haven't slept on one, but from everything they have raved about, i can't wait to get mine!

Kris said...

Here is something I CAN tell you about...we bought at Leon's and used their if I didn't like the bed I could return it for another.

That being said, stay away from the latex foam toppers...eeeekkk they are HOT..make you sweat like freaking crazy. I love my queen, mid-range, regular foam topper set. Go to the store you are thinking of buying at without the kids and both of you "sleep" on them for about 15 minutes each. Pick the one you like the best. We love ours. Hope that is some semblance of advice that might help.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

We LOVE our pillow top cushy yet firm bed and purchased it at "Sofa & Bedroom Depot" which just seemed cheesy to me at the beginning but we shopped and shopped and they were by far the best price, ours is top of the line, and the staff were super! Not pushy, amazingly helpful and willing to deal a little. We even got W's custom made crib mattress there as well. I can't say enough good about them.
Happy sleeping! There is NOTHING like a good night's sleep.

Proud Mum said...

If money were no object my husband would be sleeping on a Kingsdown Pillowtop Mattress (try one out when you're mattress shopping -- there is a difference from regular pillowtops,) and I on a Tempurpedic (I've wanted one of those before anyone knew what they were.) I guess it's a good thing that money is an object or we'd be in two different beds!

That said, mattress shopping takes time. Kris is right, go without the kids and try out all the beds.

But the most important advice I can give you is: ROTATE YOUR MATTRESS EVERY THREE MONTHS!!!!! (I always know we're overdue when I start waking up sore. We're not great at remembering to rotate but I'm making a new effort.) It prolongs the life and comfort of your mattress and will reduce the wear.

Sariah said...

All I can say is to try out lots and lots of mattresses until you find the one you love. Oh, and my aunt has one of those sleep-number beds, too. She and my uncle swear by it. AND ou never have to rotate it.

I wanted a pillowtop when we bought ours, but Ches didm't. So we compromised and got me a body pillow. That didn't cut it. After having Dallin, Ches surprised me when I came home from the hospital with a memory foam for the bed. It is awesome! We love it. It has made the bed so much more comfortable for both of us, and we like completely different firmness and everything (another good reason to get a sleep-number).

Good luck!!

Two Mittens said...

When I was first pregnant with the twins we had the worlds oldest, crappiest, hardest futon on the planet. I had to insist we get a new mattress, because CH said he LIKED it. But I HATED it. I won. We got our new one from Sears. I was too tired to shop around for prices. But our bed is now nice and cozy! I would take Mrs. M's advice.

Chuck McKinnon said...

The depreciation on new beds is INSANE. Try the Bargain Finder. Seriously.

Jen and I spent ~$500 (basically all our wedding cash) on a Sealy queen-size bed when we were first married. It was a little too firm but it served us well.

Since David's birth Jen had been wanting a king but they were just too expensive. Then a lady from work put hers in the company classifieds. It's a Simmons Beautyrest (the "bowling ball bed") king size with pillowtop, and a mattress cover, and she threw in a set of sheets until we could get some for ourselves.

She spent $3000 on this bed two years ago, and couldn't sell it in after two weeks in the Bargain Finder for $400. So she listed it for $300 in the company classifieds and that's what I paid for it. A 90% discount for waiting two years.

It helped that I knew this woman and know that she's a bit of a clean freak (hence the mattress cover, etc.) but still: we have a gorgeous, luxurious bed that we paid 10 cents on the dollar for and it's in nearly-new shape (with 23 years to go on the 25 year warranty).