Saturday, August 19, 2006

Introducing Mr. And Mrs. MH1

On Friday my youngest sister got married. She is the last one. My parents are finished. The sister closest in age to me and I were discussing how chic this wedding was and how "homemade" ours were. W realized tat in order for her to have the beautiful wedding complete with photographer extrodinaire, we had to have the ones with all of the mistakes in them. I hope she appreciates our sacrifice.


Have a great honeymoon, and be safe whilst moving to the ends of the earth.


Jennifer said...

I lover her dress! I was the first married in my family so I didn't get a dress that FREAKING gorgeous.

Question, why are her eyes closed in all the pictures? It's becuase she feels bad for all of us "lousy dress wearers" isn't it?

Alyson said...

Mr. W took those pictures. The ones that were taken by the photographer her eyes were open. Its all in the timing. Of course she may have some pitty.

Her dress was ordered off the internet from at a pretty reasonable price. Infact her dress cost less than mine but that was because I had to have mine sewn. The seamstrees did a wonderful job on mine she just didn't have much to work with. There wasn't much coice.

Alyson said...


Two Mittens said...

I love her dress too!

I got married in a far away land, and bought a skirt and top at Old Navy to wear the day we got married.

ABQ Mom said...

My hubby and I were BOTH the first to be married in each of our families. Since our wedding both of my hubby's sisters have been married. Both their weddings and receptions were MILES better than ours.

We were both the oldest sibling (i.e. sacrificial lambs) so we went cheap(and homemade) as to be considerate to our parents. WE're a little jealous of their fancier weddings but we're still okay with it.

I think thats just the luck of being younger you always get to learn from the mistakes of the older siblings.