Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lucy, You Got Some Splaining To Do.

My oldest was fortunate enough to have the most wonderful teacher for kindergarten. His experience was the best way to introduce a child to their academic career. She was well organized, beautiful, and most important she loved the children. I would brag to all my sisters that I had undoubtedly had the best kindergarten teacher in the world. I must admit that when D went to grade one I really missed her. I secretly wished she would just follow my kid up through the grades and be his teacher forever, but I know that's not right. I needed to share her with others and at least E would have her in two years.

Today we got the news, she is traveling for a year and will not be back till next year. I was at Jenthemom's house when the call came it went something like this.

Miss New Teacher: "Hello Jennifer."

Jenthemom: "Hello"

Miss New Teacher: "I am Jocelyn's new kindergarten teacher."

jenthemom: "What happened to Miss Smith?"

Alyson: Gasp and grab chest, cause all I heard was "What happened to Miss Smith?"

Miss New Teacher: "I've been getting that a lot."

Then she proceeded to tell Jenthemom when we could meet her and when Miss Smith would be coming back. I know the kids will be fine, its the parents who will have a harder time getting over this. In fact I have contemplated getting a plane ticket to her place of refuge and collecting her myself, but between you and me I don't have the money to do it. Just know that's the only thing holding me back from making a spectacle in warmer then here land.

Shortly after, my husband took the phone call at our place of residence and chatted reasonably with her. He doesn't seem to think its that big a deal, and he is right (as always, I'm really getting tired of that). Anyway it turns out she was on mat leave a while ago and has come back this year to cover for Lucy. At least she has experience, because if she like graduated like last spring and is like totally excited to like be a teacher, my kid will walk all over her and then turn around and walk all over her again. He may look like an angel, but he knows he is cute and can be quite a devil.

One Last thing, I hope she is a blonde, because E is kinda partial to "Golden Hair" also then we wouldn't have to tell him and he wouldn't be the wiser.


Momma Bear said...

Teachers brand new from graduation are a challenge since they don't have their feet wet yet. I hope E. has a wonderful year with the new teacher. I have become attached to some of my older kids' teachers and then had to adjust when one coming along behind couldn't ahve that teacher for whatever reason. Usually it has worked out to be a good thing.

Two Mittens said...

I had a kindergarten teacher named Miss Smith too! Or maybe it was grade 1. Anyway, she was great and pretty and played the guitar! But halfway through the year she left (got married and moved or something I didn't understand, or appreciate) and a meaner older woman came in and she was not nice. I'm still bitter.

Jennifer said...

Atleast we'll have eachothers shoulders to cry on! I still can't believe she's gone.


Anonymous said...

WOW that is really horrible news!!! She is like the best teacher in all the world! If the new teacher is 10% as good as Lucy Smith then your littlest will be in good hands.

Sierra said...

Yea well Kindergarten teachers can be iffy sometimes... Thing1's Kindergarten teacher didn't impress... when she was there... (which from our experience was about 1/3rd of the time) it seemed her program consisted of alot of "playing at the playground" time. we has to do alot of catching up to get Thing1 ready for Grade1... fortunately he's pretty smart when he wants to be, and his 1st Grade teacher appears to be VERY good.