Thursday, August 03, 2006

6 Down 365,456,297 To Go

This summer I have been so busy. Busy with my calling, my job, birthdays, family time and my sister's wedding. Tonight I just finished throwing my sister a wedding shower. Tomorrow we are leaving for camping. When we get back a full week of swimming lessons and getting things together for her wedding. E has a birthday three days after the wedding and then I have to coordinate enrichment flower arranging course and the potluck the following week. 4 days later is Tims's Elders quorum BBQ (the same night as my sister's second reception. Somewhere in there I am supposed to get my visiting teaching done and get the kids ready for school and plan the quarterly enrichment night that will be happening on the 12 of September. I don't see it letting up even if I get more help. AHHHHHHHH

I wish I could run away to a quiet place and not have to deal with this stuff anymore, but I'm too responsible. What happened to the days of sitting by the pool? I thought I was supposed to be simplifying my life. E is suffering. He still thinks in some twisted way that violence makes friends. Its not as bad as it sounds (E I mean) but I feel if I don't nip this now we could be in for some trouble. I need to simplify. I'm going to have to start saying no to things. People just don't take hints. Maybe its because hints aren't obvious, but I think its because they don't want to take the hint.

So until people understand what I'm saying and give me what I'm asking, you can find me plugging away doing substandard work because I'm spreading myself too thin or I will be saying No to everything. Neither way looks good.


GoofyJ said...

It doesn't really matter what looks good, just do what is best for you and your family. Besides Heavenly Father knows what's in your heart, and what good will you be to anyone if you burn out completely. We're not asked to do it all, just what we can. :)

Paul is Scout Master right now and for a while every single weekend was being taken and the kids hardly ever saw him, I put my foot down and said "Families first" and sheduled one weekend a month where he could not take on any commitment regardless of who was moving. :) Now it is easier to say no, because we already have the time planned.

Good luck. :)

Karen said...

After you say "no" a few times, people don't ask as much of you. Someone who can be relied upon to say "yes" is someone who always gets asked.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like Karen has your number, baby! Let me take the kids two days (all day) next week. You can get as much (or as little!) done as you want on those two days.

Wadda ya say, wadda ya say?!?

Allrie said...

Alyson, follow Karen AND GoofyJ's advice! Schedule some time for yourself [even if it is only a morning--a few hrs, whatever!] and learn to say No ovccasionally. Also, learn to delegate. For example, the quarterly meeting--can you set a theme and then put a committee on it? Hopefully someone not involved in a siblings weding. Etc. Good Luck with it all.