Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Over Exposed

A slight problem has developed over the past week. One I did not fore see. My youngest wonderling has decided that no underwear is best. It started 5 days ago when he forgot to put underwear in the backpack for swimming. As it turned out he went until Sunday without underwear before I noticed or remembered. When Mr. Wonderful asked me how long he had been going "commando", E heard the word and thought it was awesome.

Now he wants to be “commando” all of the time. Last night he slept "commando" and this morning he wants to eat "commando". I have no idea where he gets that from.


Karen said...

Boys will be boys.

ABQ Mom said...

Thats pretty funny. My son's favorite thing is to run around buck naked after a bath. Seriously! And if we get his pajamas on him he'lls run into his room and shed them all off again.