Sunday, August 27, 2006

Love, Uncertainty and Misunderstanding

I missed love Thursday last week and was going to post one this week but again I missed it. So here is my representation of love on Sunday.

This is a picture of my sister and her son. It took 5 years for her to get him. She is a great mother, a really good example to me.


This week (month) has been a time of ups and downs. Friends have lost babies and job offers have removed then given then removed again. We are at a stage of life where the future is uncertain. I know that we will have a home, and food to eat, but when you have made plans for the last 9 years working towards a goal and now find it unattainable its hard. Its hard to be back at square one not knowing what we will be doing, and not being able to get ahead.


I still haven't really decided what I am going to do while the wonderlings are in school. I would love to pursue my me time and such but we are still waiting for word on some jobs Mr. Wonderful has applied for. Thank you to all for the "Two Cents".


On a Lighter note:

D: "You can't have that E, you stink."

Cue whining

Dad: "E come here, tell D he has Halitosis."

E: "D you can't have Halitosis, Dad Said."

D: "that's not fair."

As we all know its more about the telling, and the possessing something that someone else doesn't have, then about truly being insulted.



Karen said...

Love is beautiful, uncertainty resolves itself with the passage of time, and misunderstanding (in this case) is just cute.

You will get there.

Proud Mum said...

I don't really know what to say, except that I know what you're going through better than you can imagine. It is frustrating, but the good thing about life is that nothing stays the same forever, not even the bad things.