Friday, August 11, 2006

A Camping We Had Went

So many things have been happening this week that I haven't had time to post about our camping trip. Basically I'm still trying to recover from said camping trip. I have yet to catch up with my laundry, and since this is our last one for the year, I have to rearrange the storage room, a project that is taking longer than I thought. A women's work is never done. But enough complaining.

Our story begins with a family setting out on an adventure to go a camping in Waterton Lakes National Park. Mr W got off work at 1:30pm and was home by 2:00pm. I had already started the packing the van process in an attempt to get us off earlier. You see the campsites at Waterton and surrounding area are a first come first serve, so we had to be stealth and we had to be fast. Unfortunately upon arrival the campgrounds were full. Oh the lament of our children. If this were biblical times, they would have rent their clothes and been covered in sack cloth and ashes for sure. They couldn't get over it.

"What do you mean they are full?"

"Can't we just stay over there?", they would ask pointing to a grassy spot right next to the highway. We tried to explain the random camping was not aloud. We told them that we would try to get a campsite close to Waterton. The reasoning wasn't helping relieve their fear of a cancelled trip all together.

Our first attempt at a campsite proved less than fruitful. All they had left was their green space, normally set aside for running children, on which they were letting people randomly place their tents their for $10 a night. That would just not do.

Fortunately for us the next campground was much more pleasing. By the time we got their they only had four tenting spots left. Mr. W in his wisdom picked site with trees to shelter us from the all to common southern Alberta wind which inevitably comes. Thanks Mr. Wonderful.

Upon completion of setting up camp we proceeded to make our dinner. Top Dogs Hot dogs. D ate one and complained of a tummy ache. He said he wasn't going to throw up, but alas that was not the case. As I was off to fill a pot with wash water, I hastened back to the site by a concerned and reluctant husband. Reluctant to deal with the puke that is. A risky choice on his part seeing as I am normally a sympathy puker and the mess could have potentially multiplied 3 fold. His gamble paid off. Lucky man. The mess wasn't that bad and we were able to continue camping.

Here are some of the memories made.

peddle boating on Cameron Lake

The wonderlings learning to stier a peddle boat

Playing in the park

Throwing rocks in Waterton Lake

Ice Cream at Ye Old Lick & Nibble

Playing hatching dragon and erupting volcanoes at a park (poor villagers they didn't see it coming)

souvenir shopping (nothing bought)

Hiking at red rock canyon

Throwing rocks in Waterton Lake

Minnow hunting in the creek beside our campsite

Dipping D and E in Waterton Lake

Playing with Carly at the park. She had the best sand toys

And now for the rest of the story...

Our last night their I needed a nap so Mr. Wonderful took the boys to our favorite minnow hunting spot in the creek near by. They came back soaking wet. It seem they discovered that Waterton Riverside Campground was actually riverside. They were following some fish and hiked about 3 minutes from the spot were observing the minnows. They rounded a corner and discovered this huge river. Yay! After dinner we decided to beat the heat and float down the river. Due to the glacial temperatures we had warm chocolate and then went to bed. The temperature changes must have done something to E because he wet the bed.

All in all I would say it was a success. I shall post pictures later. I need to get back to my laundry.

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Sariah said...

Camping sounds like so much fun. It's been forever since we went. It'll be a while before we go. Maybe in the spring when the baby is a bit older...

Mmmm, warm chocolate. I was actually craving hot chocolate the other day and thought, "Self, you are crazy go nuts. It's over a freakin' hundreed degrees outside!!" I just wanted the taste of it, though.