Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's In The Bag

So last week Very Mom asked us what was in our make up bag. I'm a little late but here it goes.

So here is a picture of my make up bag. Its nothing special. I got it at least 5 years ago. It may look small but you would be surprised at how much it holds. I do however have a much bigger case that holds this bag and some more stuff like cleansers and such.

As you can see this bag holds a lot.

I tried to group these in some sort of logical order. The white and blue tube is my zit zapper. I paid a lot for it and it works ok, but not as good as the sales lady said.

The larger tube is my foundation (Loreal). I use this type because I have some acne scaring and other imperfections I would like to cover. It supposed to dry to a smooth powdery finish and because of its medium coverage I continue to use it, however if I don't blend it perfectly in the beginning, I am left with a streaky finish that lasts at least 12 hours.

The stick next to my foundation is my cover stick (Cover Girl). I don't think I need to say more.

Then there is my bronzer (Marcelle). I brush this on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin as well as on my chest depending on the shirt I have on. After all I hate two tone skin.

My brushes I can't live without. The small one is for blush, the large one for powder or bronzer and the skinny one is for eye shadow. Everything goes on smoother with a brush.

This next grouping is my eyes. The feature I choose to enhance the most on my face is my eyes. I like my eyes. I wish they were bigger and my lashes longer and the colour to be blue, but other than that they are perfect. Actually I've grown to like them more and more.

On the left are the liners. I have more in my bigger bag, but these are the ones I use the most. Until last thursday I liked my liquid eyeliner the best, but I recently purchase the long thin black one and love it much more. It is line stylist by Maybelline New York.

In the middle is my shadow set I use most often.

On the right are the mascaras that I carry around. The gold one is Loreal volume enhancing mascara. It used to be my fave, but it started to clump. I didn't like my boy telling my constantly that I had eye boogies on my lashes so I decided to buy something else. I probably should throw it out. My next purchase in the quest for long beautiful lashes was Maybelline's XXL. Got to say one of the worst mascaras ever made. Don't waste your time. My new love in mascara is lash stylist by Maybelline. It has a comb instead of a brush. Thanks to my sister Kim for introducing this one to me. I am very satisfied with my new mascara.

Finally one must not forget the tweezers. When I pluck my brows its like I have an instant eye lift. Perhaps I should be doing that more often.

This last photo is of my lips and the clip I use to hold my hair back while applying my make up. The silve tube is a "collagen enhancing" clear lip treatment. I use this every time I apply my makeup (which can be quite rare). The long skinny tube is my Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lip duo. I liked it at first but then started thinking this was not appropriate make up for my age so I don't ware this very often any more. Perhaps I should throw that one out too. I do have other lip liners and pencils but I rarely use them since Mr. Wonderful doesn't like kissing lips that have "stuff" on them and I like kissing so I sacrafice.

So that's what is in my bag. What's in yours? And Pass it on.


Alyson said...

I appoligise for all of my gramaticle and spelling errors. I tried to change them but I may have missed some

ABQ Mom said...

I really enjoyed this post. This one could be fun. I think I'll do it too. :-)

Jennifer said...

Well done Al. I think I might have to try that mascara, after I use my new one up. Where were you before I went shopping?

Your floor looks lovely and spot free by the way. :)

ABQ Mom said...

Mine is posted.

Very Mom said...

Whoot! I have to pluck my freaking eyebrows every single day. Boo hoo. Someone who participated recommended Tweezerman tweezers, so I got those and they're so much better than the crappy revlon ones I was using before.

thanks for participating!