Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Free-For-All

Today I was listening to CHQR 770 and in the afternoon they have a feature called the Friday Free-For-All. They give you a chance to talk about anything you want at the same time presenting topics in which you might want to share your opinion. So in the spirit of plagiarism I am using the same format and ask you, interneters, to feel free to comment on anything that gets you blood boiling, makes you happy, or gossip that you heard at the water cooler. Now for my part. Here are some of the things that I heard on the news, radio or casual conversation. Feel free to comment on these topics too.


US bans Canadian Beef due to Mad Cow

Canada Bans American Spinach due to E. coli outbreak.

Interesting, I smell a conspiracy.



Today on the entertainment segment featuring Jimmy Hollywood, they said look to hear an announcement of a wedding in the next 6 weeks. Rumor is that Tom's sexuality has come into question and he needs to get married.

Could there be a more stupid reason to get married? I'm struggling to find one. The person I feel sorry for is Kate. You are in a whirlwind romance (Yay), you get pregnant and come under catholic scrutiny (shrug), you have a baby and people start questioning if that was true (insulted). They say your psycho enough to pretend to be prego and give birth. Then you fiance, due to some poor handling by his people, end up loosing one of the biggest contracts of his life, and now people are saying he is gay and you need to marry him to save his image (sad). Poor girl, If she doesn't have post partem depression, she will soon. Keep your chin up girl.



In Alberta a potion of your property tax is earmarked for education. This money doesn't necessarily go into a special education fund but if I understand correctly its used in formulas to calculate money for education. Today an older gentleman was upset to find out that a portion of his property tax goes to education. "I don't have any kids." he exclaimed I shouldn't have to pay. I don't know if he really wants to play that game but if he does...

Dude, I'm not retired yet. It's not like the money I'm contributing to the CPP (Candain Pension Plan) will ever make it into my pocket, it going into yours. Do you think I should have to pay?

I only go to the doctor once a year for a check up (which reminds me I need to make an appointment) it would be cheaper for me to pay the doc the $26 for the visit then pay the premiums that I contribute to even out your visits.

What you sir have forgotten is that we all contribute to make life easier for all. Eventually it all comes back to you and to make the system a user pay system is slippery slope I don't think you want to fall down.



This is the only reason I'm not modeling in Spain. But seriously good on them.


Now its your turn.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

love your thoughts! Dave R would have loved you to call too abt the taxes issue.

Sariah said...

I can't leave thoughts on what makes my blood boil at the moment. It's too personal, and there would all out family wars on the subject, I'm sure. Can't do that.

Instead... I'll just say I enjoyed your thoughts. All of them. I think you should makes this free-for-all a regualr thing.

Kris said...

Loved this post! I agree about the taxes stuff for sure. I won't post what's been getting my knickers in a knot lately since that's all I seem to be doing lately! LOL.

Karen said...

Maybe the guy who doesn't want to pay education tax would prefer to be beaten and robbed by 12-year-old hooligans instead of contributing to their betterment through education?

Or more likely, he just wants to screw our generation twice. First, have us pay for his pension, then not pay for the next generation (after us) to get their education and contribute to our pension. (And the Boomers wonder why Gen Xers hate them so much.)

Boomers make my blood boil. ;-)

Two Mittens said...

I think Kate had PPD and she made him apologize to Brooke Shields.
And who cares if he's gay? I have a hard time thinking someone would go to such elaborate plans to fool us. What for? Let's just call him nuts and leave it at that.

And the painful rate at which my new house is not finished makes my blood boil!