Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phlegm Phactory

I have been fighting this cold for a week now and I am afraid that today there was a turning point in the battle. I have been feeling the pressure build ever so slightly in the sinus cavity and yesterday I had a throat tickle. Today my nose is in full production, actually over production. Unfortunately no one ever taught the nose about supply and demand. I am putting in for an injunction on production due to its environmental hazards (viruses),but that may be tied up in the courts for a while so in the mean time I am reduced to using wash cloths and a drier sheet I found in the car to contain the spill. Please bare with me in this time of trial and you might want to buy some stocks in Kleenex seeing as there is an increased demand on that particular product. Oh and if anyone knows of a company that makes industrial strength chicken noodle soup let me know, cause apparently that particular solution has neutralizing qualities.

So to sum up in the markets today, the price of phlegm has gone down and good buys are Kleenex and chicken noodle soup.


Jennifer said...

Dang, you're witty! Nice writing, very clever.

I sound like someone reviewing your blog. Sorry about that but I did like this post. I couldn't help smiling when I was reading it.

ABQ Mom said...

You really are a very creative clever fun writer. This was a great read and quite funny.

I hope you get over your cold soon, and I find that buying kleenex in bulk at costco in the summer is a great plan!