Friday, September 01, 2006

Love Friday

Looks like I misses it again. This is my hot husband sporting my sun glasses. I sacrificed my eyes so he could get us home safely. Actually I closed my eyes and slept. He looks better in them than I do.

My husband and I have been together for 9 years now. We met at a time in our lives when we weren't looking. He wasn't satisfied with the women he was dating and was going to move away. I had given up on the dating scene and decided I wasn't going to date for a while if ever again. But then cosmos aligned and we decided we should date. I wish it was that easy.

What we do have going for us is we have similar goals. Mr. Wonderful and I have the same faith, we put our family first, and we respect each other. I'm sure there is more that we have in common but when your makin' a list its hard to think of those things off the top of your head. He is also the Yin to my yang. He is calm when I am frustrated, he strong when I am week, but he can be strict when I am layed back. Sometimes these polar opposites can cause problems but most of the time its useful to get 'one's self out of one's tree." when one is totally being irrational. Can you guess who the one is most of the time?

We have invested much time and have reaped two beautiful children. Yah boys can be beautiful. We have worked hard together to reach our goals and we have learned a lot from one another. He is my best friend. Sorry spot shot, but ours was a relationship based on what you could do for me. So that is why I chose my husband to represent love.


Karen said...

When you talked about yin and yang, did you just mean that symbolically you and your husband complement and complete each other, or did you really mean to say that he provides the more traditionally feminine characteristics (yin) while you provide the more traditionally masculine ones (yang)?

No, hold on. I know the answer to this one: Karen's just being too nitpicky about details again. :(

It's a lovely post.

Sariah said...

Do you realize that it was exactly 9 years ago that I met you? WEll, 9 years ago yesterday, I think. Anyway, it was 9 years ago that Ches brought me home to "meet the parents". We pulled up to the house, very late at night, and the first person I met was your Mr. Wonderful. The first thing he said was something about Edmonton sucks and I have to know that because you were inside the house. I was confused and amused at the same time.

Ahhh, the memories.

Andrew said...

You're right. Opposites can help each other at times. Actually, now that I think about it, I wrote this article on that very topic a few weeks ago in response to a reader's question about her relationship with her polar opposite hubby.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Alyson said...

Karen- Sorry I was reading it and i thought it should be changed around, but I was tired and I was hoping no one would notice. Tee hee. It alright I can accept critisism, thats how I become better. I just hope your not anoyed with me and all my gramatical errors and spelling. I ment both ecept he is the male. If that makes sense.

I remeber meeting you and knowing that Ches was going to propose. Tim evn showed me the ring. I was hoping it would be that weekend but he decided to wait.

Proud Mum said...

Alyson, this is a beautiful tribute to the love of your life, thanks for sharing!