Sunday, January 15, 2006

Take This Job and Shovel It

Today was a nice day. Snow had been falling since last night so the city was a blanket of white. My eldest saw the neighbour boy shoveling and asked if he could shovel our walk. Of course I let him. He and my youngest were having so much fun. They even shoveled the other neighbour's walk. She came out and paid them a quarter each. They were so excited. They never thought that one could make money providing such a service. Seeing an opportunity they began shoveling the snow on the lawn. Too Funny.


fourth_fret said...

oh my! this made my day... and it was a close call, because this day is almost over.

true entrepreneurs (sp?)... lawn shoveling. i can see it. heh.

Kris said...

Too cute! The old guys in our complex are out there by 5am shovelling...doesn't give any of the kiddos around here to enjoy the shovelling aspect!


ABQ Mom said...

I am imagining the scene. An entire street, with green front yards. The rest of the neighborhood piled high in snow banks.