Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm Sorry. So Sorry

It isn't much like me to fight with my husband in public much less publish it on the internet. I should have put it in my own private journal for only my progeny to see long after both of us are dead. I am apologizing to my husband for exposing our dirty laundry when he didn't know we had any. He left for work and didn't know how I felt.

I instituted chore Saturday about a year ago and get some support in it. Every Saturday I think we will do better. I think that we are going to get up and push through the first 2 hours of the morning and clean the living room and vacuum. Clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Make beds etc. Lets just say this has never happened. But I digress.

Instead of building up my private army by venting to all the world, I just should have expressed my frustration to my husband and asked for his support or developed a compromise. It was very disloyal of me. For that I am truly sorry.

Edited: Why is it ok for women to do this to our husbands. If they were to do this to us, they would be up crap creek. I used some pretty harsh lingo that I never even use when we are fighting face to face. I will be taking my Stupid Saturday post down.


Kris said... are a sweetie! I don't think you should beat yourself up too much...that is after all what a blog is about! I'll let you in on a little secret, when I vent about Big, it is after I 1)confront him about my feelings and 2)tell him I am going to blog about "it" on my blog...and that's all there is to it. Heehee...he does understand though.


fourth_fret said...

alyson- i totally admire you for this. and i don't remember if i responded to that post, but if i did, i'm sure it was laden with sarcasm. so, i apologize to you for rallying in a situation that i shouldn't have an opinion on.

he's lucky to have you. just as i'm sure you're lucky to have him.