Tuesday, January 10, 2006

English Debate #2

Now before you go running away saying oh she is getting all political on us, I promise to keep it short. Last night was the last electoral debates before our Federal election on Jan 23. Now I confess I didn't listen to the whole thing, I have somewhat of a life. Anyway the part I did hear kind of surprised me. Paul Martin said he wanted to change the Charter of Rights to remove the "Not withstanding clause". I have to confess that the idea scared me. The idea that Judges, who are an unelected smaller group, reigning supreme. What happened to the voice of the people? What if Judges make mistakes, although they are smarter than me they are still human. Lets look at a not so good decision from the past. A B.C. judge said it was ok to posses child porn but not ok to make it or distribute it. It was Mr. Sharpe's Right to posses it under freedom of expression. That would be one I would want overturned. No child porn whatsoever. I would think that was a no brainer.

Also does he not know that he needs all 10 provinces to agree before an amendment can be passed. What was he thinking? OK now that I have got that out of my system.


Alyson said...

sorry this sounded so dis-jointed. i was in a hurry

Karen said...

Well, I know what you're saying. And your last point is the telling one. Saying he wants to eliminate the Notwithstanding Clause and actually making it happen are two vastly different things.

Proud Mum said...

Wow, I am totally out of the loop of Canadian politics (and can't vote in the US... I need to get more politically active!