Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad Poems

Yesterday the boys and I did a treasure hunt and at the end we made chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to Very mom for reminding me to spend more time (fun time) with my kids. Here are my poems

Its time for a game, hope you enjoy. Look where you would put your toy.

In order for you to get your next clue, there is something mommy needs you to do. Pick up ten toys and put them away. Hurry up so we can play.

Here is your next clue, pay close attention, look where mommy likes to relieve her tension (my bed).

You boys were so quick. You are very smart; look for your next clue where you would find your cars.

In order to get your very next clue, pick up ten more, it’s the least you could do.

You’re near the end of our little game, if you enjoy this we may do it again. To find your next clue, don’t underestimate its worth; look where we keep our little earth.

Wow, you were fast, aren’t you having a blast, look for your next clue, this isn’t your last. It may be located where you would lay your head, and if its not done please make your bed.

This is the final of all the tips. When it’s first on the lips, it stays on the hips. Look where we keep the chocolate chips.

You have done well with all of your lookies; lets go make some chocolate chip cookies.


Kris said...

Cool...I am going to steal it if that's ok!


Karen said...

Oh, what a great way to get them to do the stuff that needs to be done.

Proud Mum said...

That's so great! Good for you!

Does it work with pre-readers?

Does it work with husbands?

Well, a girl can dream, can't she? ;-)

fourth_fret said...

that is such a great idea!

Sierra said...

it should work with husbands...

you just need to change the bait from cookies to... PC games, hockey tickets and big screen TV's

ABQ Mom said...

good one. I could never be so creative!