Friday, January 20, 2006

Sweet Ride

Today I drove the boys to school because my neighbour was unable. Normally I drive her van (7 passenger) and I am not nervous. I learned to drive in a Dodge Ram (15 passenger). Can you picture a 15-year-old learning to Parallel Park in what some so lovingly call a huderitte mobile.

Anyway, today I drove her dad’s car. A 2005 Toyota Sequoia V8 Limited edition. This time I was nervous. It’s not the size that scares me it’s the cost. Ever since “Luminagate”, I’ve been a little leery of driving other peoples cars. Somehow I managed to enjoy it though. About five minutes into the drive my butt started to get warm and its still tingling at this very moment. Although it costs more than I feel I will ever be able to save for retirement (a whole other post) it sure would be nice to someday have a vehicle that can maintain its own environment.

By that time everything will be standard on the vehicle, or my kids will be laughing at me because the cars they want will drive themselves and maintain temperature.


Proud Mum said...

I could relate to so much you wrote, and loved it even more because you are so clever with your words.

I learned to drive in a Suburban. I completely commiserate.

While still learning to drive, my boyfriend forced me to drive his parent's brand-new car. I think I drove 40 km/h along the highway for half an hour before he couldn't stand it anymore.

And while I'm sure your Luminagate is not the same incident as that of our family's, it was the Lumina which caught fire and burnt my parents' house down.

Since getting married we've owned several cars. My favourite (though no longer with us) was a SAAB. It had heated seats. Someday I will own another car with climate control and heated seats.

Sariah said...

What was Luminagate?????

The first time I sat in a car with heated seats I didn't know they were heated. All of a sudden I have this warm feeling statr spreading beneath my bum, and I seriuosly thought I had just had an "accident"!! All I said was, "uhhh," when the girl driving took one look at my face and said, "they're heated!" She was laughing because she thought the same thing the first time riding in the car when her husband bought it.

I don't think I want heated seats in my car, thank you very much. Too wierd.