Monday, January 02, 2006

Making Memories

Holidays are a time for families and friends to make memories, some good and some not so good. Although the holidays are quickly coming to an end, (D goes back to school on the 9th) here are some of the memories that we have made.

Taking a walk around the temple on Christmas Eve.
Seeing the flat bed of a semi truck loaded with about 50 carolers singing outside the retirement home in Cardston. Coolest thing I have ever seen.

Sunday service on Christmas Day, So simple, and yet, so powerful.

Opening presents after church. My kids were so patient even if their Uncle and Aunt were not. You know who you are.

Opening up my flute. I was truly surprised. The best kind of surprise. Tim finally did it. I never expected it.

Rushing back home and seeing my family on Boxing Day.

The reinstitution of the Leavitt Christmas Basketball game. We are so out of shape.
Beating Tim at HORSE and 21. Never done that before.

So sad when Tim had to go back to work to a job that he HATES! Thanks for working so hard Tim so that we can have the things we need and I can stay home with the boys. You deserve an award.

Being board out of my mind because Tim wasn't home.

Craving chocolate and not having any around to eat. Smelling my husband's breath for chocolate because I know he had some.

Getting Sea monkeys in the mail.

Beating Brad H. at the first tournament of spoons.

Giving up at 11:00pm and realizing that I am old on New Years Eve.

Sleeping in before church.

Thinking the Sea monkeys are dead.

Finding four sea monkeys alive and swimming. We didn't kill them after all.

Narnia. We went together as a family and now my "Sons of Adam" are enjoying a game of Mario Kart with their father. Isn't life great.


Karen said...

Life is indeed great. Your holiday sounds wonderful. (Mario Kart is a favourite in this house, too.)

Nikki Workman said...

It sure is! Best wishes for a happy new year!

ABQ Mom said...

love making memories, sounds like you had some great ones this holiday.