Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can We Really Achieve Perfection?

Well I had planned the perfect Sunday dinner and we sat down to eat. The sandwiches turned out great but the Caesar Salad not so much. I managed to feed my husband contaminated Caesar salad. We discovered it before my kids ate it. I had the salad first and thought this tastes different. Then Tim had some. He thought it tasted funny too. I kept eating while he checked the bottle. Our dressing had expired. Gross. What a waste of romaine lettuce. Lettuce is expensive.

Anyway, I'm sure after the post on Saturday my husband would have been thinking Es-tu Brute? I'm in the clear because I had the most.


Karen said...

I'm really sorry you wasted your lettuce.

(Trying... not to giggle...)

Life is so absurd.

fourth_fret said...

oh yeah, if you consume the most toxic lettuce, then you're absolved of trying to poisen the hubby. i read that somewhere...


Proud Mum said...

I weep for your lettuce.

That near-catastrophe could not have happened, chez nous. The lettuce would never have been on my husband's plate to begin with.

I can finally see how that's a good thing. Thanks!