Thursday, January 05, 2006

Everyone Has The Right to Complain or Do They?

Did you vote in the last election? Did the outcome of the last election go your way? Are you happy with how things are being run in your country? Will you vote in the next election? Do you vote along party lines?

If you didn't vote what right have you to complain? Obviously you didn't care enough about "it" to get off your butt in the first place.

So get out there and vote, even if your particular vote won't make a difference in your riding, at least you have earned the right to complain. After all that's what we Canadians do best.


Karen said...

Well, I have the feeling that in our riding the outcome is a done deal, and I'm okay with that -- but I always vote. I just couldn't imagine NOT voting.

Except our municipal elections are a waste of time since almost everyone is acclaimed -- no one wants the job! -- so for the first time ever I skipped voting in the last municipal election.

I like your blog makeover, by the way. I especially like your profile picture of Alice (in Wonderland) holding the pig.

Alyson said...

Thank you

fourth_fret said...

i agree with you alyson. i vote here in America, only to insure i can henpeck at the president for the next 4 years. :D

but... voting is a right, and though i disagree, i guess i can also understand not voting at all, and still feeling the need to rant about whomever holds office. in America, it is often said we no longer vote for what is best for America, but simply for the lesser of two evils. (which doesn't hold water based on the results some times...) in a way, not voting is a statement too.

oh, and thanks for the visit. it gave me an excuse to raid your blog, and i'm glad i have! good stuff.

Kris said...

Nope I didn't vote...know why? None of the parties in my opinion are worth it. They all SUCK...but I have not complained about it. You get what you get if you don't vote. Am I voting this time around...maybe, we shall see.


ABQ Mom said...

Voting is something we should all do. ANd I agree with you, if you didn't put your little "x" in a box then you have no right to complain.