Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mommy Wars

Today I was watching Regis and Kelly while giving myself a good pedicaure. Trust me I needed it, my heels were like velcroe on my yoga mat. Anyway I saw aomething that upset me a bit ok maybe a lot, a lot more then it probably should. Good Morning America is going to delve into the dark world of the Mommy Wars, like we need more help judging one another. The were saying things like "Is it really true that Stay A Home Moms are wrecking it for those who want to have careers?"

Pardon Me but I thought the womens movement was about choice and giving each other that opportunity. Just be cause I have been freed from my domestic slavery doesn't mean I have to go out and work. Isn't that a slavery of another kind if you don't have the choice to stay home?

I haven't seen the article so maybe I'm just making a big deal about nothing. I just wish we could leave the moats in our neighbours eyes alone and worry about our own beams. Fueling the fire isn't going to make things better.

That being said I have smoother heels and lialic toenails now and Jenthemom won't be gossed out the next time she sees me.


Karen said...

I envy your pretty toenails.

I guess if the working moms and stay-at-home moms are both happy, that would be terrible for the world. This program topic was probably suggested by 21-year-olds who still live at home.

Proud Mum said...

Sometimes I think those wars are started by someone on one side who feels insecure about her decision (or felt she didn't have a decision) and lashes out against the other side because she feels threatened by the other side.

And sometimes I think they're started by men who just want to see us fight.

YAY for pretty feet! Sandals season is quickly approaching, I need to follow your example.

fourth_fret said...

i wish just once these things would interview kids who moms have both been stay at home moms, and work away from homes mom and get the kids perspective. (i don't mean adult kids... but kids right smackdab in the middle of being a kid.)

which has nothing to do with your post. but... i really am curious about the kids perspective. [shrug]

Stuck In Reality said...

Rock on Sista! Haha.. How I've missed your humor.

I have pretty toes; David calls them my "money makers".

Too bad that's never been put to use..

Alyson said...

Karen- you too can have pretty toe nails for $2.00 plus the cost for me to fly out there to do them for you. That might be fun, you know I've never been on a plane before

PM- Maybe men do want us to fight it would get us off their backs for a while. Who knows they might even through in a little mud and make it a real event.

FF- I had both and I remember thinking there were times I wish my mom was home but when i was a teenager I liked staying at school for lunch, but like you said I'm not smack dab in the middle of kidhood. I too am courious

SIR- People have foot fetishes you could probably make a ton, but how would you feel exploiting your feet that way.

Alyson said...

PM I ment Throw

Proud Mum said...

I know what you meant, don't worry!

fourth_fret said...

alyson- i just wanted to follow up and say, i have no opinion as to what the kiddies would like. so, when i suggested i was curious, it's because... i am. heh. no agenda. no preconcieved ideas.

i suspect there would probably be a fair amount for both types of mommies.

Allrie said...

I have one kid still (age 15--HS soph.)at home. He has had me out to work and has had me as a stay at home Mom. He has made it quite clear that he really wants me home. Good thing 'cause that's what he's got!