Monday, February 27, 2006

It shouldn't Be This Hard

I have finally reached the point where I look forward to working out. I no longer detest going to the gym or pulling out my pilates DVD. Hooray for Me! To bad the fates are against me today. Fog, snow, cold, child, and a lost DVD remote have made it next to impossible. I guess I could march around my tiny tiny livingroom for 20 min, but I'm afraid I will collapse from the dizziness because it is that tiny. Boo hoo for me. Well at least I want to do it; that's some progress even if my clothes don't know it.

I won't be weighing in today because I haven't a scale at home. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll do it tomorrow.



Karen said...

Well, you're way ahead of me. Hope things get better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you could be looking for that remote. I'm just saying. ;-)

Devynn said...

Good for you, Alyson! I LOVE working out, you just feel so good afterwards (okay, maybe not RIGHT afterwards, but eventually).

ABQ Mom said...

I enjoyed working out when I was in the middle of it. Now I'm just back to that dreading it again. We are supposed to get to 70 degrees today. I guess I could start walking again... Good job Alyson, you're inspiring me to get back into the groove again.

Allrie said...

Keep up the good work! If the weather doesn't improve you may be reduced to the circl walking (I do it around my kitchen island--changing directions frequently--dizzying, but it helps when you can't get out.)