Sunday, February 26, 2006

Because We Are A Church of Inclusion

I know I've stated it before but my boys are funny. When they listen their father and I, which can be rare, they really listen. Today I noticed that a family who hasn't been to church for a while was there. I asked D and E if hey could help their friend K find his way to Primary (Sunday school). The next thing I saw D and E were gathering everybody that looked like they were their age. "Come on guys lets go to primary. Follow me I know the way." It was so funny to see the little posse head to primary. All of them made it and with out any adult guidance (I followed from a distance). Not bad for two kids that are distracted by...Oh look something shiny.


Anonymous said...

So cute, I could picture this kind of processional as they all marched off to primary. :)

Karen said...

It's always amazing when kids step up and do more than you expect or ask them to.

ABQ Mom said...

that is pretty funny. all I can compare it to is my kids practically running down the halls to nursery. "I know the way..." They even ditch out early hoping to get a head start on the toys.