Sunday, February 26, 2006

Can I Get A WOOT?

This last week something that I have been meaning to do for a while and a goal of my sons' got completed.

I have a rather large pantry, some might be envious and I truly love it. The pantry is definitely one of the reasons why I am staying where I am for a while. Although I love my pantry, like all pantries , it needed to be cleaned out. People it took 3 days of scrubbing, purgingand organizing and it is finished. Now I need to put my kitchen back together.
This past week my sons have achieved a goal. Last May their friends got gameboys. They too wanted gameboys. I refuse to buy my sons something for almost $100.00 to be thrown around their room and stepped on. After all they are only 6 and 4. They know I am a mom open to negotiation so we agreed they would have to earn the money. That meant they needed to find a job that they could do to earn money. They collected bottles. It took until just last week plus some Ralph money for them to achieve their goals. We went to a pawn shop in Calgary and my sister in law went to one in Lethbridge. They both have gameboys and they only spent $60.00 each. They had enough money to get two games and we picked up the last game yesterday. They stayed pretty focused. Thank goodness for the Ralph money though. That put them over the top. They were starting to get discouraged, who wouldn't May to February is a long time especially when you are 6 and 4 I have to say I'm really please with them.

Whats a WOOT anyway?


Sariah said...

I'll give ya a WOOT for all that! And a great big WA-HOOOO! It's nice to get stuff done and feel all accomplished and stuff, huh?

fourth_fret said...

i'm impressed with your boys. at 4 and 6, and 31... i am the worlds worst at saving. heh.

Allrie said...

I don't know whether to be encouraged or discouraged? But I am impressed with your pantry job.
(I have a similar job to do in my garage)
Your boys are impressive, along with their mother. Hooray for you to make them work for those game boys--they will mean so much more--all their lives.