Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Eany Mememy

I thought I had escaped this one but apparently I needed to vaccinated against this idea virus. I'm doing this under duress so don't think I'm just going to answer any old meme that comes along.

Four Jobs I Have Had:

Instead of telling you 4 jobs that I have had I think I will tell 4 jobs that I applied for and in some way or another it didn't work out.

1. McDonalds - as some of you know I applied to this job on 3 different occasions. Once when I was 14, again when I was 16 and finally when I was 18. On all occasions I was never hired. Some have tried to comfort me by telling me I was over qualified. Thank you for your concern but I think I'm fine now. In case of relapse I think I should start a support group. If there is anyone out there who has been rejected by McDonalds, please let me know. I may need to call you some time. "sniff"

2. Chucky Cheese- A place where a kid can be a kid or so the slogan goes. I was hired by them and got my uniform, but got a "better offer" from someone else so I quit before my first shift.

3. Ginger Beef Peking House- I was hired as a hostess. I worked one shift and thought I did pretty well. Unfortunately I didn't speak or write Chinese. The cooks all wanted their phone orders written in Chinese. So I was let go. At least that is the story I was given. I just have one question do I look like I can speak Chinese? If that was a criteria don't you think that you would have put that in the ad?

4. Suzy Shier- Yes I was one of those girls. Hey What's Suzy Wearing? Anyway this is where I learned that if management valued me then I worked really hard. If management didn't treat me well I was less motivated. This is the job that I performed my best and my worst. At the top of my game I would be on the national list for sales and at my worst I was let go over the phone.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1. The Princess Bride
2. Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth)
3. Nothing to Lose
4. Anything Star Wars (mostly because I have to watch it over and over again)

Four Places I Have Lived:

1. Provo Utah- conceived and Born there

2. Edmonton Alberta- Where I did most of my growing up. Despite what others think I liked living there even though now my neighbourhood is the hood.

3. Calgary Alberta- Where I have spent most of my married life

4. Lethbridge Alberta- Where my second child was conceived and born.

Four TV shows I Love:

1 How I Met Your Mother
2. Yes Dear
3. Tool Time (sad when that one left thank goodness for syndication)
4. As for Dramas It’s a tie between Medium and House

Four TV Shows I Detest:

1. The Family Guy-The pop culture jokes are funny but not enough to make me watch the raunchy show.

2. Fear Factor- Should be called gross factor

3. Commander and Chief- I don't care if they’re trying to groom the American public for Hilary to become President. I'm just plain “politicized” out by celebrities.

4. The O.C or any other "teen drama".

Four Books I Would Recommend:

1. Harry Potter- any in the series but I would start in at the beginning; it just makes sense.
2. The Chronicles of Narnia
3. The Lord of the Rings- make sure you got some time to read that series it may take a while.
4. Lloyd Alexander Books- I can't seem to think of a name right now.

As you can tell I am an "immature" reader. That is ok because I still get the story and fewer adults content.

Four Places I Have Vacationed:

1. Waterton National Peace Park- My Family used to go there every year. Not so much now. It's not well known for the shopping, but if you like mountains and hikes with less commerciality than Banff, then this is the place for you.

2. Kimberly Idaho- My mother grew up there and we used to go visit once every five years. Unfortunately I don't know my mother’s family that well.

3. Preston Idaho- There seems to be a theme here, but my husband's father grew up in Preston so we have reunions there. Surprisingly enough my mom and my father- in- law grew up 2 hours away from one another.

4. Interstate 15, highway 89 to Arizona. Took pics on route 66 and stayed in Mesa. Our “honey moon” was a lot of driving and storms in the canyons.

Just so you know I have never been on a plane. I would really like to go somewhere that you can’t get to by car.

Four of My Favorite Dishes:

1. Steak Dinner at the Keg

2. Dinner at Basils in Marda Loop- I can't remember what I had but I know it was good food, crowded, but good food. Make a reservation.

3. Spinage and Feta Stuffed Chicken with steamed asparagus and wild rice
4. Subway- The best place to get sub sandwiches. One of the only things I could keep down when I was pregnant.

Four Sites I Visit Daily

1. www.alysonslife.blogspot.com -because the blogs I read are linked to my site.
2. Weather
3. Yahoo.ca – my email
4. Hotmail.com –my enrichment email

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

1. In Hawaii- you can't get there by car
2. Massage- I have never had one professionally but I think I would like one.
3. My Very Own House- I am tired of renting in a place that is too small for me.
4. Shopping- I think I have an addiction. At least I'm not always spending money.

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging

I don't think I'm going to pass this on because it took too much time for me to answer. Sorry the chain stops with me.

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Allrie said...

Alyson, you are Sariah's sis-in-law, right? I've heard so much about you, and reading this blog helped me know you better.

We now live in Ohio--about 2 hours from Kirtland. While you CAN get here by car--plane is much more reasonable a journey, so I offer our home as a destination--and you can travel the midwest and east from here. Welcome anytime.

I like your choices of books--have you seen the Book of Mormon Sleuth Series. Sariah, be glad they weren't out when you were a kid--gave me great FHE ideas etc. with which I could "torture" my kids--and we'd all enjoy it!(They are not quite fantasy, but not quite not either.)