Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Day

Isn't it nice that we celebrate families. I think they created this holiday for the same reason they have reading week in university. For what ever reason family day was created I for one have enjoyed this bit of a break and am looking forward to today. Instead of rushing to get ready for school we are currently sitting in our PJs and playing Nintendo with the neighbour boy, This won't last for a long time but its still fun. Later we will get dressed and go visit my sister at my parents house. After that I don't have much planned but I would like to take in some free skating at the Olympic oval. I guess we'll just play it by ear. Have a Great Family day or Presidents Day. Read ya when I get back.


Edited- Well we never made it skating, the visit with my sister took up more time than I thought. We did go out for dinner. The boys got a free dessert. Things like that happen to them all the time. Our money pit turned out not to be as bad as we first thought, thank goodness. So we are not as far off schedual as I thought we would be and we still have to buy a new freezer but thats for another time. Hope your weekend was great.


ABQ Mom said...

Its presidents day here, but my husband is still working. His company saves up all these little monday off holidays and give them the whole week off between christmas and new years. We really enjoy that week off, but its still nice to have him home on these type of monday off holidays when everyone else is home too.

Karen said...

Well, regardless of what it's called, we don't have a holiday here -- so you guys enjoy!

Sariah said...

Just because they have the day "off" doesn't mean they get to stay at home! Ches is leaving us to do homework and practice and job hunt. However, he stayed home all morning, and that was a surprise. Quite enjoyable, too. Happy family day and President's day and no holiday to everyone!

fourth_fret said...

family day is a real day?

since when? (um, that sounds challenging, but... it's totally just curiouslity.)

i've never heard of family day.

Darcy Schack said...

Actually the holiday was put in place by Alberta's former premier Don Getty. It was put into place a little while after his son was caught with a large amount of cocaine. Some think this was the way to sweep the incident under the carpet.

Alyson said...

Maybe it was to inspire families to spend more time with their kids as a prevention method.