Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Appeal Anamnesis #11


I was having a hard time deciding what form of appeal to use. On one had I could list all of the things that appeal to me and write about one of those. I find chocolate, a clean house, intimacy with my husband, my red bike and trips to Waterton appealing. On the other hand I could write about times that I have had to appeal to higher authority. The latter has not occurred very often because I was a "good girl". I do however remember a time I made a supplication to a superior.

I was 19 and moving out on my own. I wanted to break free, to cut the apron strings, so to speak. In my zeal I forgot to plan. I knew everything would work out. IÂ’m an adult. I can make it on my own (with my roommate). One thing that is required when one moves out is money. I did not have a job, and no damage deposit. Neither did my roommate. Looking back now I wonder how the property manager approved us but he did.

To get enough money for the damage deposit I had to sell my clothes to my parents. I was a bit of a "clothes horse" and I think they thought that I would back down if I had to sell my clothes. I was determined and the transaction was complete. I am sure my mother cried that night. I was her oldest and I was leaving.

I began my job search I had two weeks to find a job before rent was due. I applied for a telemarketing job and was denied. I was told that if I called in a week there might be something for me. The job paid ten dollars an hour, to me that felt like millions. I continued my job search but I really wanted to be paid lots of money. I said a prayer and asked my maker to please help me get this job. I phoned and got an answering machine. I hung up and got some paper and prepared the massage that I would leave. I figured it was ok because telemarketers have scripts they have to follow.

I got the job. I went two days and only made one sale. I was not doing well by their standards. I was not having fun either; in fact I hated that job. I knew I wasn't going to quit but I needed too. I got up and went to the bathroom and made a second appeal to my Heavenly Father. I told him that he was right and that I did not belong in this job. I also said I was not going to quit because I had begged for this job. To put it plainly I asked God to fire me.

I returned to my desk and was about to sit down when I was summand to the bosses "office" and told I wasn't what they were looking for. What a sweet release.
For some reason with these topics come songs in my head. With this one came "You CanÂ’t Always Get What You Want" and with Remedy came "Bad Medicine".


Proud Mum said...

I had never thought of a mercy-firing from God before. You wrote this truly, with a dash of humour and a lot of reality, a really fun read!

Anonymous said...

A great lesson and a great read! :) I love the humour you used and it just shows me what I had always thought, God has a sense of humour. :) hee hee (it is probably one of the only cases where you would be glad to have God fire you) hee hee

Allrie said...

What a good lesson--actually lessons, plural. Thank you for sharing--it was fairly personal (I wonder who does make good telemarketers and how good is defined here?)

Karen said...

Hey Alyson, did you post a comment on Natalie's blog to let her know you participated?

I got a real kick out of this, just the whole offbeat approach to independence that you describe.