Monday, May 29, 2006

Week 4 day 1

I will be copying this post into my 14 in 14 blog. I have not done so well this last week. I keep trying to do what I need to and then my blender breaks or I go camping or I need to grocery shop. Enough with the excuses. The point is I've fallen off the wagon and I need to get back on. I really don't want to work out today and its going to take all that is in me to get me to the gym.

Breakfast 7:52

4 Yves breakfast patties = 180cals
1 safeway select waffle = 80 cals
3/4 cup fruit= 70cals
1 cup of milk = 110 cals

Total = 440 cals

Maybe if I stay home from the gym and do my pilates today and clean my disaster of a house. If my place is organized maybe I will feel better. I am Chaos personified right now. Too much going on and something is going to give. I'll see how I feel at lunch.

Lunch 12:30

Crispy Bacon Ranch Salad =360cals
Tablespoon of Ranch dressing= 45 cals

Total = 405 cals

Snack 4:00 pm

A granola bar = 150 cals

I still haven't worked out but my bed is made and I have my grocery shopping done and I bought a blender (man they are expensive) I'm feeling less chaotic but still not under control. I just haven't caught up from camping and I'm tired.

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