Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dear Lucy

That is always the name I imagined the toothfairy to have. My son is coming up on 7 years and has been very disappointed that he hasn't lost a tooth. WELL THIS JUST IN...Today he was eating an apple and felt some pain. He asked me to wiggle his tooth. Yup its loose. He is excited yet a little apprehensive, understandably. He is afraid of feeling more pain. The tooth right next to it is wiggly too so I wouldn't be surprised if my son was sing all I want for my Birthday is some new front teeth.

Way To Grow D


Sariah in Vancouver said...

I could have written this same post about my daughter! She is turning 7 next month and just got her first loose tooth too... and noticed it when eating an apple! lol

I keep telling her that there are benefits to loosing her teeth late - like inflation! lol But she has felt left out as all of her friends have already lost at least one tooth.

GoofyJ said...

Happy Mother's Day!! :)

Allrie said...

Good luck on the tooth fairy front. I just weighed in on the inducing delivery question--wordy as per usual. Sorry :)