Friday, May 26, 2006

I Need A Case of Biore Pore Perfect Strips STAT

As some of you know we went camping this past long weekend. A long deserved trip. My husband and I have not been anywhere longer than 2 days and 2 nights that didn't involve a family reunion and 16+ hours of driving, but after 8 years of marriage our family is turning a new leaf. We are going to camp as much as possible this summer. Woo hoo.

We camped at Waterton/ Glacier International Peace Park (on the waterton side). I've been there plenty of times. I really like it there. I like it more than Jasper or Banff because it is less commercial, but some of my bias might be attributed to the fact that I rarely went to Jasper or Banff and I like what I know.

Anyway we camped at Crandall Campsite, a more woodsy sight for the more serious camper. It has flush toilets and glacier cold running water in the bathroom. No showers. That's ok some of snuck into the townsite campsite to take one. I admit I was one of them, but despite my bathing, I was still extremely dirty. As we were coming home, I was scratching the back of my neck. When I was done and my fingers had retreated I noticed a filthy scum of dirt and dead skin underneath my finger nails. Gross. Mr. Wonderful told me to relax and that's just a part of camping. I KNOW, I was just excited about how dirty I got. Don't even get me started about the kids, they didn't have a bath/ shower. But let me just say there is nothing like camping to build up the immunity. But enough about getting dirty, Here are some of the things I remember about the trip.

-Smores with nutella
-Smores with nutella
-hiking with my boys
-seeing a baby bear (my first one, I was in a car, it was in a tree)
- Ice cream in town
- Campfire (D and I made one, one morning)
-Darcy Farting (he is quite talented and musical)
-Racing or friends around town in the peddle bikes
-Throwing rocks into the lake
-playing at the park
-finally getting D to Pee by a tree (my boys don't stand up to pee weird I know)
-Using our new griddle and it working
- Forgetting almost everything useful. I normally remember everything and this time I forgot everything including a pump for our air mattress. I almost cried.
- having to clean the bath tub after everyone got clean.
-Jiffy pop
-E falling onto the fire pit and not getting severely burned. He didn't fall in the fire but tripprd and put his hand on the metal grill. He had ice on his hand all night and in the morning no pain or blistering. It was a miracle.
-Getting home and sleeping in my own bed where it was warm (I forgot my own jacket and long sleeve shirts for mountain nights, I remembered everyone else's)
-The smell of rain (only one night)
-Being sad that we had to come home.

I'll post pictures later


Sariah in Vancouver said...

When we were at Waterton, we camped at Crandall too. They said we were free to use the other campground's showers. We were lucky though and had a friend working there so we just went to his place to shower every day. lol

He's working there again this summer and I wish SO BADLY we could go again! But I'm due to have a baby right in the middle of summer so that's out of the question this year!

Glad your family had a good time!

Allrie said...

Sounds like lots of fun. The bear sighting--from a car--was great, yes?

Sariah in Van. should take note: I camped when very pregnant, also with very young infants--including my Sariah. A good air mattress makes the first possible, and a playpen makes the second possible. I no longer camp, however.

Kris said...

OH how fun! We love Crandall too...we spent a good portion of last summer there...Glad to hear you had a great time!


Proud Mum said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful! I don't know what to say other than that. Just ...



Welcome back!

Sariah said...

To read my thoughts, just read Proud Mum again. She said *exactly* what I was thinking.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Allrie: I've actually thought about that. I did camp w/ my daughter at 2 mos. We just don't have any extra vacation time for it. (We live in Vancouver, WA and it's a 13 hour drive, otherwise I would seriously consider it!)

Allrie said...

Alyson's Wonderland includes some awfuly beautiful country!S in V, I'm afraid my baby camping was first in Utah--not quite so majestic, and later in OR. I've never even been to Banff etc.--tho I've seen my parent's pics. But BC is beautiful!

I'm off to Pickerington, OH to the old village...Mon. we plan to go
to see the Indian stuff in Dublin,
OH. Little trips can be fun, too.

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