Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here I sit in my living room, wide awake at 5:55am. I was sleeping peacefully, having an adventurous dream, when I got to a scary spot and opened my eyes. I would have gone back to sleep except there is this extremely loud noise. At first I thought it was the crack of dawn, but much to my dismay it was moaning and not the painful kind. I've tried covering my head with pillows, but that was too warm. Just when I thought they were done it all started up again. I so want my own house. I believe the only persons who should be "moaning" in my house are my husband and me. I guess this is what I get for wasting away all my money when I was young. I could have had my own house by now, but noooo, I get to rent and right below the lair.

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Proud Mum said...

Heh, gotta love renting! I hear you! (figuratively, you know I don't hear you, but we've got some good neighbour stories, too.