Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never Let Me Go

As you may have noticed, on the side of my blog, I have a section called "From The Wonderland Library". Its been up for a while. Anyway I just finished this book called Never Let Me Go. I was reading it for a book discussion our women's group was having, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled. I decided to finish it anyway. Now that I am done I wanted to discuss it, but as I said before the discussion group was cancelled for this particular book. So I have decided to write somewhat of my thoughts about the book. Unfortunately, most of you, if not all of you, have not read the book so I cannot give too much away.

The author is Kazuo Ishiguro, better known for his Book Remains Of The Day. I didn't have any definite expectations going into this book so I don't know why I am surprised at all by how it turned out. Although I haven't read the Remains Of The Day, I saw the movie and this book left me with the same sort of feelings I had at the end of the movie. Mr. Ishiguro write in a conversational way that, to me, seemed pleasant yet at times I found very slow. Kathy H., the main character, is sharing with us her memories of growing up and experiences that happened after she left school. Because there is a lot of "jumping" with her memories, I found it hard at times to keep things straight, but isn't it that way when anyone shares memories with us. All in all, I did enjoy the book. It wasn't one of my favorites and it did leave me wanting for a different ending. Although I would like all things to be neatly tied up like a Jane Austin novel, this book wasn't that way. The ending that the author chose was probably the correct one for the story. I guess this is something I will have to get used to as I mature in my literary reading. I give this book 3/5.

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