Thursday, May 04, 2006

May The Fourth Be With You.

Did you get it? Aren't I punny? I was going to say "May The Fourth Be With Me." but then it looses it's affect when the phrase isn't said properly. As we all know I'm all about properness. Then again I just gave you all a "religious" blessing and since non of you are practicing Jedi, you are probably all offended. I guess my properness flew out the window, where my two boys are about to be chucked out of. Before you get your ceremonial robes in a knot, I live in a basement suite, so really I'm just rolling them on the ground.

May be its all the extra sun we are experiencing but they cannot stop picking at each other and it's driving me crazy. I'm not going to say I never did this as a child, I'm sure I did, but at least my parents had a house with a basement(to muffle sounds of our beatings) and a back yard for us to get our wiggles out. Since a house is not an option, especially in this market, I am calling on all supreme beings and midichlorans to help me keep my sanity, That is why I was going to call this "May The Fourth Be With Me."


Karen said...

Ah, that is my husband's favourite joke. (He's a very punny guy.) I'm surprised he didn't say it to me this morning. He probably knew what kind of reaction he'd get.

Sariah said...

hee hee. you are very punny, indeed.

And I'm totally with you on the kids driving you crazy part. Mine are about to be thrown out the window, too, but I'm not in a basement. However, the widows are really low to the ground, so it's not that much difference then when they jump off the couch. Actually, it's less.